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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

What is Movie Promo?

Movie Promo is an entertainment service that allows you to redeem and watch great content across a variety of devices.

How does the service work?

Once a valid voucher code is obtained, visit Movie Promo ( to redeem. Your eligible content will be added to account to view. Promotional offers may vary. See the terms and conditions of the promotion for more information on what content you are eligible to view.

What do I get?

What content will I be able to watch?

Promotional offers may vary. See the terms and conditions of the promotion for more information on what content you are eligible to view.

Will my content be in HD?

Playback quality is dependent on internet connection speeds and your device. Promotional offers may vary. See the terms and conditions of the promotion for more information on what content you are eligible to view.

My Movie Promo Account

How do I create an account?

Enter your voucher code at or using the Movie Promo Android application. Simply enter your details to create your account. Please note: To access Movie Promo on your iOS device, create your account at and log in with the iOS app.

What personal data is collected during account creation?

The only data required during account creation is your email address, password, and age. See Movie Promo’s Privacy Policy for information –

I forgot my password. What do I do?

Select “Forgot Password” on the login screen and enter the email address associated with your Movie Promo account. Movie Promo will send you an email with a temporary password. You will be prompted to create a new password once you log in to your account using the temporary password.

Where can I find my voucher code?

Voucher code delivery varies by promotion. If you believe you are eligible for a voucher code and have not received one, please contact the promoter.

Will I be billed for usage or access to content on Movie Promo?

No, you will not need to provide any billing and/or credit card information and will not need to pay any additional fees access to content. Standard data, WiFi or broadband fees apply.

Can I access my Movie Promo account on devices other than the one I used to create my account?

Yes, you can sign in to your account and view your content on up to 5 eligible devices. Movie Promo can be accessed via and the Movie Promo Application on the following platforms: Android (4.4+), iOS (8.0+), Apple TV (12.1+), and Windows 10 (10+).

Can I purchase movies or TV episodes from the Movie Promo service?

No additional purchases can be made on Movie Promo. Movie Promo is a redemption-only platform and requires a voucher code to view content.

Content Access

How do I access my content?

Once you have entered an eligible voucher code, created a Movie Promo account (or signed in to an existing account), and redeemed your content, select the Title of the Content you wish to view. From here, you can view the content details, watch the trailer, stream or download your content. Download functionality may vary by device and promotion eligibility.

Can I modify the subtitle options for my content?

Yes, subtitle options can be modified at any time from the settings menu or movie playback page.

Do I need to install the Movie Promo App to play back content?

No, installation of the Movie Promo App is not required for content playback. Your Movie Promo account and content can be accessed via if you do not want to install the Movie Promo App. The Movie Promo app is required for offline playback.

The commands listed below will be available depending on the content selected and the download status (if applicable). If a command is not available for the selected item, the button will be disabled.

  • Play symbol: Plays the trailer for the content. Not all content will have a trailer available for viewing.
  • Stream: Plays the content in full screen. To stop your content playing in full screen, press the back arrow.
  • Download: Only available on supported devices (Android, iOS (Mobile), Windows 10 Movie Promo App). Once the download is complete, the Download button will change to a ‘Play’. Download requires connection to the internet.
How do I stop playback and exit the Movie Promo Player?

Press the back button to exit the full screen mode. You can then press back or home to close the Movie Promo Player in the same way that you would close any other program.

Can I uninstall the Movie Promo application from my Android or iOS device?

You can uninstall the Movie Promo application from your device, but you will no longer be able to play back downloaded content.

Content Playback and Troubleshooting

Do I need an Internet connection to watch my content?

You will need an Internet connection to stream content from your collection. Content can be watched offline by downloading to your device using the Movie Promo App.

How many times can I view my content?

Once you have successfully redeemed your content, you can view your content, as many times as you would like, using Movie Promo. You will be notified via email if there are any updates or changes to the Movie Promo service in the future.

Streaming Speeds

Video is available across platforms in different video qualities, which will adjust based on your internet connection speed and the device in use. Streaming playback is available at SD240p, SD480p, HD720p, and HD1080p For consistent playback (based on quality), the following minimum internet connection is recommended:

  • 0.5 Megabits per second - Required broadband connection speed
  • 1.5 Megabits per second - Recommended minimum broadband connection speed
  • 3.0 Megabits per second - Recommended minimum for SD quality
  • 5.0 Megabits per second - Recommended minimum for HD quality
Download Speeds

Download for offline playback is available at 240p, 480p, and 720p.

What do I need to download my content on Movie Promo?
  • An internet connection
  • Existing Movie Promo account with eligible content
  • Eligible device for download on Movie Promo: o iPhone or iPad (iOS 8.0+) o Android Phone or Tablet (Android 4.4+) o Computer or Tablet (Windows 10+)

We recommend using WiFi to download your content. The time that it takes to download the movie depends on your strength and type of WiFi connection and the speed of the internet connection that the WiFi connection is connected to. You can also download via 3G, 4G or LTE networks. Please note standard data charges apply.

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Still having trouble?

For any further help or troubleshooting, please email us at and our customer service team will address any inquiries as quickly as possible.